Thursday, 19 March 2020

JVC JL-A20 Turntable

This turntable was made during the late 1970s and comes with all the basic features you would expect from a mid line Japanese belt drive turntable. It is semi-automatic, so it has an automatic return mechanism, reject, 2 speeds, antiskate and cue feature.

Surprisingly, it does have some heft to it. It is well made for what it is. There are some information off if you wish to see the brochure. It does have good specifications, unlike modern day entry level belt drive turntables.

It does have some nice metal hinges that I tend to prefer of the plastic ones that break, so that is quite the bonus.

This turntable has been gone through by us. It needed a bit of love but, it's running beautifully. It has a new belt and new RCA plugs. It comes with a rebranded Audio Technica AT-3711 cartridge (Akai PC-90), which is a conical but, sounds great. It's also in good shape.

This would make a great entry level turntable for someone looking to get into vinyl.