Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lesa Professional Six Turntable

Need a 78rpm player?  This is great turntable.  It's idler, but everything checks out A-OK!  It's made in Italy and from what I can find it's actually a nice and well built turntable.

It's a 3-speed idler wheel turntable, fully automatic and weighs over 30lbs!  Heavy platter and suspended steel chassis.  It's a heavy weight for sure.  Very nice tone arm and comes with a new Audio-Technica stylus.  Took me forever to find the right cartridge to get it aligned as there's barely any adjustment on the headshell.

The previous owner has put some high end leads on the headshell, reminds me of Litz or Cardas wiring.

Very nice sounding turntable.  It's also a changer for those who wish to drop LPs.  I have 2 changer spindles but they're not for 45rpm.

Really nice turntable, looks great too!