Sunday, 28 April 2013

General Sound Micron 631 + 1011 2.1 Speaker System

This is an impressive set of speakers.  Made in the USA, with beautiful workmanship, innovative design and excellent sound.  There is not a lot of information about this company other than a few pieces that people may have commented over the internet.  But, regardless of how little information there is about this company, the sound quality and build quality of these speakers are highly regarded.  Not to mention, they are well designed and look very elegant.  This happens to be our second pair of Microns, the first set we had was the 421 with the same 1011 passive sub and found a loving home. 

Not to mention, wood lovers will love the look as they are wrapped in real wood veneer.

From what I can find the 631 was their TOTL bookshelves speakers for this particular series.  The bookshelves are 3-way, featuring a 6" woofer, 2.5" midrange cone driver and 1" dome tweeter.  They are wrapped in a well made cabinet with rounded edges and the front are fitted with a beautiful brass trim.  The drivers are recessed for the "time aligned" phasing.  It's just another design manufacturers used to improve phasing and provide the best sound quality in their design.  Neat design, that's for sure.

The 1011 passive sub, or bass extender is basically for the low end frequencies as we all know that bookshelves speakers tend to lack in the lower end frequencies due to size of the driver.  As with the speakers themselves, the 1011 is well made, the top is a laminate while the rest is wrapped in real wood veneer.  Probably meant to be used as a table end for easy clean for spills.

The 1011 uses a dual voice coil driver (12" driver) and while it's no monster in the bass department, it really fills the room with detailed bass that if placed properly, it would seem the bookshelves are doing all the work.  However, the attenuators for the mid and  treble are on the bottom of the sub.

Overall, they are in excellent shape besides a few scratches on the 1011.

For sound they are a very detailed speakers.  They have very good extension, it's quite dynamic and very transparent.  They are perfect for those looking for a clean sounding pair of speakers with a very neutral sound signature.  I would say they're quite musical if not a tad towards the analytical side.  And, the bass is not overwhelming at all, it's detailed, good depth and punch and matches well with the rest of the system.  Of course, personally, I really love the look of the speakers.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Harman Kardon T-65C Turntable

I've owned several different belt drive turntables from AR to Thorens and of course tons of Japanese belt drive turntables but my experience is still limited.  However, from all the belt drive turntables I've owned, serviced, and heard, the Harman Kardon T-65C is definitely a superb deck.  I know many belt drives are subjected to plethora of modification the HK T-65C is one of the better sounding and better decks in stock form for several different reasons.

1) Suspension adjustments are done up top, underneath the platter
2) Pitch control
3) One of the quietest motors I've "heard" it's really a well engineered deck
4) Subjective: auto life at the end of the record

While it's no giant killer by any means, it's truly a giant poker.  This is a 2-speed, belt drive w/ quartz lock, auto life turntable.  It also has adjustable capacitance for cartridge loading and a low mass carbon fiber tonearm.  The tonearm is more likely a Japanese design due to HK connection in the 80s.  Reminds me of a Micro Seki / Jelco tonearm, especially the counter weight.  The tonearm is a ITO Microtrace tonearm. 

It also comes with it's own turntable clamp or weight, which is essential for the suspension.  It's truly a well designed deck.  There are also some modifications one can do, generally mass loading the plinth and dampening the suspension springs.

Overall, it's in excellent shape, dustcover has the usual wear.  It also comes with low capacitance cables and struts a Shure cartridge which is an excellent match.  Not to mention, it's been serviced and ready to go!

Simple, elegant, and well engineered, like all HK products of this era.  Gotta love em!

Realistic LAB-400 Turntable

These have to be one of my favourite fully automatic turntables.  Why?  For one, they are relatively simple inside which equates to ease of servicing, reliability and longevity.  They are truly well made machines and you gotta love that.  Good size motor, good and simple mechanics, good quality parts and very little plastic inside.

Second reason is the look.  I've always enjoyed the look of these tables, the simple clean wood grain look with the metal plate on the left for contrast makes it a very elegant looking turntable.  Actually, many people who have bought these turntables off us love the look and you can't blame them, it is truly a great looking turntable.

This is a 2-speed, fully automatic, direct drive turntable with repeat option and disc size.  If you have been following my previous information about Realistic turntables, this was made by C.E.C., a OEM company in Japan (which still exist today) that made turntables for various companies in the 70s and 80s.  I had several different "copies" of this particular turntable and each of them were great turntables.

Currently it has a very nice Shure cartridge.  Overall, it's in great shape, the dust cover has scratches and slight imperfections.  I tried to buff them out but I don't have the proper tools to remove all the imperfections.  However, the plinth and everything else is in great shape.