Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kenwood KR-5010 DC Receiver

Many Kenwood fans prefer the sound of their DC receivers over their previous receivers.  The tonal qualities reminds me of the Hitachi, dynamic and still retains that smooth signature.  I think it looks great!  45wpc is nice to have too!

Hitachi SR-604 Receiver

Literally have been dug out from under the bed.  This is a little gem of a receiver!  G-Class, which makes this amplifier extremely dynamic.  One of my favorite brands!  And, it's in beautiful shape!  35wpc and has a very clean and dynamic sound signature.  If you need an amplifier to tighten your 60s style speakers, this is a great amplifier!  We also have another Dynaharmony receiver in our entry level package!  These are great receivers!

Pioneer SX-650 Receiver

Classic Pioneer piece, 35wpc, excellent condition.  Not to mention, I really like how the connections are placed, makes it very easy access.  I am glad to have finally dug this piece out!

Thanks Winnipeg!

Our clean out ad has been quite successful and we do appreciate everyone's passion with music.  Hopefully, we'll be getting more gear out soon!  Plenty of belts, cartridges, styli to order for turntables, new foam for speakers and receivers/amps to be checked out!  Keep an eye on our blog!

Thanks Again!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Acrus TM-95 Speakers

Interesting pair of speakers, SEAS tweeter, Philips midrange and Vifa woofer all wrapped in multilayered walnut veneered plywood!

Harman Kardon 730 (HK730) Receiver

A group favorite.  This has dual transformers, 40wpc and a really nice detailed sound.

Pioneer PL-112D Turntable

Very good entry level turntable.  Nice arm and cartridge.

Sony PS-T1 Turntable

 A decent turntable.  Comes with a very nice Audio Technica cartridge w/ ATN-125LC stylus.

Sanyo TP-1010 Turntable

This is a great entry level turntable with a nice cartridge.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sony PS-X50 Turntable

This is an excellent turntable and underrated.  This is one of the best turntables that Sony have produced in their consumer line-up.  PUA-7 tonearm, VTA adjustments, and comes with the additional auxillary weight (hard to find).  Equipped with an excellent Shure M95HE cartridge!

Sony PS-3300 Turntable

Freshely serviced!  Well built turntable and Sony cartridge is also in very good shape.  Excellent performer!  Direct Drive, semi-automatic.  Great table for anyone looking for a reliable player.

EPI 100 Speakers!

Another personal favorite of mine.  Great sounding speakers!