Monday, 18 November 2013

Cambridge Audio TT-50 Turntable

This is probably the first modern turntable that's come into my hands for servicing and of course the photo shoot.  I know many people think Audioless Winnipeg just purely deal with vintage and to some degree it's true.  However, we are a fan of all audio equipment throughout the ages.  This little black puppy just happens to be for sale due to the owner's upgraditis, haha.  Our member is the original owner and it's been well taken care of. 

There is something about the Black Piano Finish that I really love.  It's clean, shiny and classy, like a grand piano in a concert hall.  The angled dustcover is also a bonus.

This is your typical 2-speed, non-suspended, belt drive turntable.  It's purely manual and not only it is dead simple but reliable!  The design is of your typical European flare.  Suspended motor to reduce vibration, a heavy composite sub-platter for resonance control and an elastomer coated platter for who knows what, haha.  Well, I will assume 2 things, 1) grip the record/sub-platter and 2) provide additional resonance control.  Not to mention's Cambridg Audio's tone arm design!

There's quite a bit of information on the web so I will re-direct you to Cambridge Audio's webpage instead of me regurgitating the information.

More info:

This is a really nice turntable and sounds pretty nice, a lot better than some vintage turntables, that's for sure.  A modern tonearm design + a solid tried and tested design = musical bliss! 

The Shure M97xe is Shure's main "Audiophile" cartridge of this century.  It's not a bad cartridge, though it's often overshadowed by it's older siblings.  However, it has the Shure sound signature that many people enjoy.  It's fairly neutral in presentation, meaning there isn't a lot of coloration as compared to a Grado or Audio Technica.  The cartridge is used but, low hours as this particular owner tends to switch cartridges quite often.

Now, this was quite a pricey turntable when it came out and adding the Shure M97xe wasn't the cheapest option either.  I can tell you know the price of this turntable is quite a steal!  They sit well next to matching speakers with the same finish!  I think the only flaws is that the black piano finish is a dust and finger print magnet!  No matter now much I clean there is always dust all over it!

It's been freshly serviced and comes with a new belt and interconnects.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Thorens TD-280 Turntable

I completely forgot about posting this turntable on the blog.  I thought I did, but I guess I didn't.  However, it is sold so, this is primarily for information and posterity. 

Personally, I enjoy non-suspended belt drive turntables because they're less finicky to deal with, no need to adjust suspension and the need of a solid platform.  Granted, a solid platform is good for all turntable.  For some odd reason, could be laziness, I just tend to prefer non-suspended belt drive tables, and which is why I would like to get an Empire turntable to play with!

But, I digress.  I have numerous of Thorens turntables in my ownership, from the sought after TD-125MKII, to handful of TD-160s and TD-150s (I did love the look of the tone arm on the MKII), the popular Harman Hardon T165C and of course plenty of Japanese suspended belt drive turntables, and all were great but all of them weren't from me.  I've always stuck with my non-suspended direct drive turntables like my Micro Seiki and Sony.  I do have a Technics suspended direct drive but I generally keep that for the automatic return feature, haha.

However, this Thorens was a game changer for me.  I really loved how it sounded, I thought it was better than it's all so popular bigger brother the TD-160s but, it could be I didn't have it at optimum alignment and blah blah blah.  Oh well, but this TD-280 sounded great with the Shure M95ED.  Not to mention having the auto-lift at the end is pretty useful!

This table sounded so good that I even thought about adding it to my collection.  But, I determined to try out more belt drives, which I am right now and try to find an Empire turntable!

For specifications:

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Upcoming Fire Sale!

I've talked to some of the guys and I think it's time to do a small fire sale to clear out some of our serviced gear out to make room for up and coming projects!

We all know that Winnipeg loves a deal.  So, we're gonna give you one!  Stay tuned!

Pioneer PL-600's New Home!

Our lovely Pioneer PL-600 has found it's new home but, I guess many would never figure out where it is.  It's not in Winnipeg, or in the same Province.  Heck, it's not even in the same country!  The Pioneer PL-600 has found it's new home in Anchorage, Alaska, USA! 

That's right, we do ship out our gear to the USA and Canada.  Now, this wasn't the easiest packing job.  Getting all the necessary material took time and just packing it took even more time!  We do take our time to properly pack any gear that's being shipped out.  And, that's the most important thing!  We want all our gear to arrive undamaged and in the same shape.  As well, we want all our gear to find appreciative homes just like this one!

The new owner is thrilled to have the PL-600 where it will join other Pioneer gear!

 Here are some snap shots of the PL-600 in Anchorage!