Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Technics SL-1500mk1 Turntable

I've always enjoyed working on Technics turntables, especially the non-mkii, they are are more simplistic and easier to work on than the mkii which require a bit more work. The SL-1500mki was very easy to work since it's a pure manual turntable. While, it was the least expensive of the SL-1300/1400/1500, all it gave up was the return automation. It still had all the workmanship of the other two models.

The SL-1500mki is a well made machine. Excellent motor, nice metal plinth, heavy platter, very nice tonearm and bearings and simple to use. For some it had all the features one wanted. It has a selector switch for 33 and 45, pitch control and a cue arm. Of course, in case anyone didn't know already, it is direct drive unit.

It's been serviced, motor was re-lubricated, cue arm was re-dampened (very common issue), dust cover was lightly polished, new headshell with a NOS Piezo/spectrum YM-308ii stylus that I found in my box of miscellaneous styli.

How does it sound? Really nice. There's not a lot of information about the Piezo/Spectrum/Acutex cartridges, though they seemed to be quite common. It's a very well balanced cartridge. Definitely worth a new stylus if you have one.

I've always liked Technics, considering I've owned a SL-1300mki, a couple SL-1400mkii, a SL-1700mkii, a couple of SL-1600mkii and a plethora of the minor Technics like the SL-D2/Q2/D202/etc. The SL-1100-1800 either the mki or mkii are beautiful tables and are well made.

Technical Specification: