Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Dynaco A25 Speakers (Early Scanspeak Drivers)

This is a real treat.  I haven't seen the early scanspeak drivers in quite some time!  When the member phoned me about them all he said they were Dynaco as per the badge.  After a quick description, I identified them as the A25.  When they got dropped off to me and after a close examination of the Aperiodic vent, which was above the tweeter, I soon realized they are the early version of the A25 with the Scanspeak drivers!

These are some mighty fine speakers.  They are quite dynamic with a very lively sound signature.  As well being a nice bookshelf speakers I can see why these are quite popular and desirable for both new and veteran enthusiasts. 

For their age, they are in great shape.  There is a depressed area but not really noticeable.  Grills are in good shape as well the badges are intact!  Not to mentioned they are wrapped in real wood veneer!

They have been cleaned up and oiled up and ready for a new home!

Pioneer PL-600 Turntable

This is coming out of my private collection!  This is one heck of a turntable and is probably considered one of the best turntables that Pioneer built at the consumer level.

It has all the features one would want in a fully automatic turntable!  It's 2-speed, direct drive with quartz lock.  It has record selection size as well with repeat.  And, most importantly, it has VTA!  Not to mention the build quality underneath the hood.

All metal plinth, heavy platter, superb tone arm, an excellent direct drive motor and suspended platter and tone arm!  Think of the Technics SL-1600mk2 to SL-1800mk2 turntables, they too are suspended.  I have to admit, it's really a superb table that can give the Technics it's run for it's money.

I really love the design of the PL-600, it's very simplistic with a very utilitarian / industrial design.  

It's in excellent condition and comes with its original headshell and transport screws.  It's been freshly serviced and comes with a new tone arm belt and Empire 2000E/III stylus!

For more information:

Yamaha YP-701 Turntable

For early Japanese belt drive turntables, this has to be one of my favourites.  Those who know me know that I am not a huge fan of suspended belt drive turntables because they are quite finicky and require a very solid surface.  However, I am quite impressed by this Yamaha turntable.  I've had AR turntables and Thorens and when it comes down to sound quality, it does remind me of the Thorens.  It's also built really well.  Design principles are much different than the usual suspended platter turntables and more in lined with the Thorens.

There is a sub chassis that holds the platter and tone arm, just like the more known Thorens.  As well the motor (hefty sized too) is also isolated with it's own suspension.  The arm is also well designed with a set screw that can adjust for VTA.

The drive system itself is also different than the more common belt drive turntables that it's almost a rim drive table. 

Nonetheless, this is a well built and well engineered table.  Plinth is wood veneered over plywood wood base.  The sub chassis is metal as well as the top of the plinth.  The arm is your typical medium mass tone arm.

The Yamaha YP-701 is a 2-speed, semi-automatic turntable.  It is also fully serviced with a new belt and a new Audio Technica AT-110E stylus.

If you are looking for more information, take a look at the YP-700.  The name difference could be due to where the turntable was sold.

Overall, it's in pretty nice shape, there are a few nicks on the plinth.  But, this is still a very sharp looking turntable.