Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas is just around the corner!

Just finished prepping the last of my turntables in preparation for Christmas.  We have lots of turntables for sale and other stereo equipment.  They make excellent and functional gifts when it's too cold to go out snowboarding!

Finally moving on to some of my speaker projects!  Time to crack out the soldering iron.

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Turntables are on the move!

Sold a few and I feel awful that I was not able to do a write up on them, Sansui SR-525, Keio PSS-40, Realistic LAB-390 are gone.  The most interesting one of the bunch was the Realistic LAB-390.  It is definitely a Panasonic/Technics re-badged table for Radio Shack, tone arm design, motor/platter design and inner mechanics/electronics is definitely Technics.

Technics did make turntables for JC Penny under the MCS name, just like how Baycrest and Sears were most likely CEC re-branded tables.

That being said, we have more turntables to come!

-EDS 25F, Technics SL-1700mk1, Akai AP-100C and Sanyo TP-1010.  Technics and Sanyo dust covers are back from the polisher and are ready to go!

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Just need to take pictures or get someone else to do them...

Thursday, 6 November 2014

More Turntables...

Finally, we're making head ways in servicing some of our project turntables, which includes a really neat looking Kenwood KP-2022a turntable and several others.  I got some belts and styli on their way and made a deal getting some NOS Pfanstiehl  styli and some cartridges and cartridge bodies.  Just need some headshells and I should be pushing through the rest throughout the week.

One member has graciously taken the task to do a light polish on the dust covers.

Some took a while to service as there was a few that needed some serious work.

We are still deciding as to what to do with some of our nicer idler wheel tables.

So far we have:
Keio PSS-40
Realistic LAB-390
Sansui SR-525
Kenwood KP-2022a
Pioneer PL-4

Saturday, 1 November 2014

JVC QL-F6 Turntable

I am a tad late to write about this gem here but, better late than never!  We got this through a trade and it was something I couldn't pass up.  It's been a while since I had a nice heavy JVC direct drive turntable and I was itching to take a peak inside another.

Not a whole lot of information on the turntable other than the usual sources and typical information, specification wise.  I was more curious on performance and understanding this whole oil damped system this JVC is equipped with.

It is your standard Japanese table, it's am extremely nice direct drive motor and it is quartz locked.  It is fully automatic, 2- speed with repeat feature.  It also has all the higher end features that are usually found on more expensive direct drive tables like the adjustable VTA and of course the lovely oil damped tone arm for both vertical and horizontal movement.

How does it sound?  Quite superb.  I've had a lot of higher end direct drive tables, from Pioneer and Technics as they are more known, as well as other JVC and Denon.  One of the main reason why I like this table so much is because it's far more mechanical, easier to repair and serviced, over the more electronically controlled on, such as different JVC and Denons.  That is the same with the tone arm, many used electronically controlled damped tonearms but, they can fail due to age, while this the QL-F6 is using physical properties of oil.

This is a well built turntable and a prize to own.  I preferred this table over the Pioneer PL-600 I had as well as the Technics SL-1300mk2 and SL-1600mk2, Denon DP-47 and many others due to it's more simplistic design.  However, there is no strobe for those who like to see their platter spin.  But, there is a pitch meter so you will always know if you're in proper pitch.

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Fall is here, cranking out our fall/winter projects!

Soon another year will be gone.  The weather is getting cooler so it's time to dig deep in to our rooms to finally finish up some of our projects.  I know this winter I have lots of personal projects to finish.

Some of the gear I haven't seen for years!  So new belts, foams, stylus and miscellaneous parts will be on order!

Happy Thanksgiving day! La Fête de l'Action de Grâces!

Manger beaucoup de dinde et la tarte!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Micro Seiki MR-622 Turntable

This is one of my greatest prize possessions, well for turntables.  The Micro Seiki MR-622 is a fabulous turntable, and definitely has been one of my favourite tables that I had the pleasure of owning.

Everything about this turntable screams quality.  Even the 45rpm adapter seemed to be milled aluminum.  It has adjustable feet, a side pocket for accessories
, a nice heavy die cast platter and even the top part of the plinth is cast.  All wrapped in a beautiful smoked dustcover and real wood sides.

The Micro Seiki MR-622 is a fully manual, 2-speed, direct drive turntable.  This means, it's low maintenance and high reliability as there is less moving parts within the turntable.  It's just a huge motor, speed controls and Micro Seiki MA-202 tone arm, placed in a overly built plinth just like what one would expect from Micro Seiki.

The MA-202 tone arm is a S-shaped tone arm with excellent tracking ability.  It has an adjustable counterweight and the tone arm pipe is filled with damping material to reduce vibration.

It is in excellent shape, however there is a bit of stress cracks on one side of the dustcover near the hinges.  That is the only flaw it has.

This is a fantastic deck and will out perform anything in it's price range and above, until the next tier of turntables.  I wouldn't call this an entry level turntable, but will punch above any new entry level turntables.

It is mounted with a beautiful Micro Acoustic 2002e cartridge and the combination of the MR-622 and the MA-2002e is sensational.

For more information:

Sony STR-7055 Receiver

One of the most elegant looking receivers from the 1970s, well at least from the ones I've come across.  It reminds you from a simpler time, which I know nothing about because...well, you can use your imagination on that.

The Sony STR-7055 is just a step down from the TOTL STR-7065, that is has less power outputs, and a few less features like no speaker "C' for a third pair of speakers.  But, everything else is pretty much the same.

I quite enjoy this unit.  It has a nice sound signature, albeit, I was a bit shocked as I had generalized thought about the sound signature of 70s.  But,surprisingly, it was very nice.  A bit on the warm side but, very clean and transparent.  Not the most dynamic sound signature but, very smooth.  Sony did make some real nice stuff and well engineered gear.

Modestly rated at 35wpc into 8ohms, it can fill a room nicely with music.  Actually, one of my favorite feature of the receiver is the Auxiliary input on the front, though it does use 1/4" plug over the more common 1/8" plug that are found on MP3 players.  But, with an adapter it makes plugging various music players easy, instead of crawling at the back of the receiver with RCA plugs.

This is a beautiful looking receiver and would make a great addition to any collection or be great receiver for anyone looking for quality gear.

For more information:

Technics SA-5570 Receiver

We've haven't had that many Technics receivers or amplifiers before and while this wasn't their biggest receiver during the receiver wars of the 70s, this is a huge beast of a receiver, especially in dimensions i.e. the width, it doesn't even sit properly/flushed on my stereo stand!  Something that I didn't for see when the unit was dropped off to me for it's photo session.

I do admit, it has that Technic's sound signature that many love, it's not overly bright and forward and it's not mushy or "warm" as other people may call it.  Actually, it almost reminds me of the big Rotel amplifiers.  It's farily neutral in sound presentation which makes it flexible in speaker choices.  I actually found it matches well with brigher sounding speakers like Sound Dynamic or JBL.

It's rated at 85wpc into 8ohms which is a large amount of power to drive even the most inefficient speakers.  Not to mention, it does have a very clean look to it.

Not as collectable as compared to the other brand names but, I know I would gladly take this receiver over some of the lower powered receivers with the fancy blue lights that tend to sell for the same price or more.  Weird...But, I digress.  This is a very nice receiver.

The Technics SA-5570 is in excellent shape, that it even still has the sticker on the glass, in French.  This leads me to believe this receiver may have come from Quebec, unless St. Boniface electronic stores or other French speaking communities within Canada told the manufacturers that French print was needed.

Either way, if you are looking for a clean looking receiver, that's in excellent shape and want power behind it, then look no further.  This might be the one that you're looking for.

For more additional information:

Harman Kardon T25 Turntable

We've had lots of Harman Kardon products and each one of them are excellent pieces.  However, this little guy has a few tricks up its sleeves.  There's quite a bit of features packed into this tiny compact turntable.  For one, it offers pitch control that many Japanese belt drive turntables don't have and second, there is a tiny set screw at the back of the base of the tone arm that offers a bit of height adjustment for the tone arm.  That means, it has VTA but, it is fairly limited.  But, nonetheless functional.

It has nice clean look with an angled dustcover and the tone arm looks as if it is a stipped down version of the T65, Japanese made of course.  Not to mention, they both use the same headshell.  It is a well made table with a low mass tone arm, which is nice for the Shure Me95ED cartridge mounted on it.

Internally, it is well designed and well layed out.  Unlike the upper end HK turntables, this is not suspended.  But, originally, sat on sprung feet.  However, they have deteriorated over the years and we've replaced them.  Think, Pioneer PL-518 feet, they don't age well.

Aesthetically, it is in nice shape.  Sonically, it sounds really good.  Shure cartridges tend to like the low mass tone arms and the Me95, which is a M95 variant, is a great cartridge.  The best feature of all, and I am sure many would disagree with me, is the fact the arm returns at the end.

This is a very nice 2-speed, belt drive, semi-automatic turntable.  It makes a great starter table, especially if one isn't looking for something large.  The base is slightly larger than 14" x 15".

It also has a nifty strobe disc that sits on the mat.  As always, all our turntables have been completely gone through.

For more information:

Friday, 11 April 2014

Micro Seiki DD-24 Turntable

It's been awhile since we updated the blog.  But, winter is finally gone and looks like everyone is getting back into gear to do a bit of spring cleaning!

I've only come across a couple of Micro Seiki turntables and only been inside of one.  So, I was quite curious about this one.  Clearly, it's probably from the late 70s to the early 80s and this one seems to be the first generation or so as the DD-24S is equipped with a low mass straight tone arm over the standard S-shaped arm.  Regardless of the different tone arms both are probably the same, internally.

However, the S-shaped tonearm does offer a bit more flexibility with cartridges, well at least these days.  The counter weight is also adjustable which is an excellent feature.

Inside, everything was neatly laid out, I can see a nice big direct drive motor, which is a good sign.  Simplistic, auto return mechanism, which is another huge plus and a feature I haven't seen much on Japanese made turntables but, I have found them on Thorens and Duals.  The anti-skate dial has two dials or settings.  One is for the use of elliptical styli and the other is for conical.  Clearly, there seems to be less force applied on to elliptical styli when you compare dials.  It is really a neat feature. 

Not to mention, it does have your typical Micro Seiki workmanship throughout.  Oversized rubber feet, a nice solid MDF plinth that is wrapped in a nice wood grain quality vinyl finish.  Quality components in the controls and of course, as already mentioned a quality drive motor.

This is a very nice turntable.  It is direct drive, 2-speed and semi-automatic turntable.  It's in excellent condition.  Though, the dust cover does have scratches no cracks.  But, the plinth is in excellent shape.  It does come with the original headshell and headshell spacer.  Not to mention, I have put a very nice Shure M95ED cartridge on it.

It sounds really nice and would make an excellent starter table.

More information: