Tuesday, 5 December 2017

EDS 10M MKii Turntable

I know, it's been a long time since I posted anything regarding stereo gear. However, these past few months people were either contacting us via email or previous customers were recommending us to their friends who were looking for gear and sending me text messages to help them out. So, I felt obligated in doing so. It is truly amazing to still help people out there get into vinyl or get a better turntable, speakers, etc.

We've sold quite a bit of gear and I am sorry we couldn't post anything about them. However, I was recruited out of "retirement" to help this holiday season. After servicing and repairing a few turntables, I thought this EDS would be a piece of cake. Since, I would have to care for it and handle the customer care aspect, I thought this would make a nice post.

These EDS turntables are quite common in Canada. EDS was a distributor out from the West Coast of Canada, if I recall correctly. They imported Japanese made gear and re-badged them as EDS. I know we have had a few EDS turntables in the past. These are pretty basic turntables of the era, being a pure manual belt driven turntable. However, they are well put together. Despite their look, they are well made and in some aspect better than some tables from the 1980s. As well, the single AC motor with a separate tonearm for manual control is pretty much today's standard in turntables. The basic formula hasn't changed for the past 40 years or so, and yes, they still use the fishing line and weight as an anti-skate.

So, let's run some basic specifications: the EDS 10M MKii is a 2 speed, belt driven manual turntable. Most likely, it uses a 4 pole synchronous motor. Manual, meaning that the user has to use the cue arm to lift and drop the tonearm at the beginning and at the end of the record. There is no automatic return.

These were most likely manufactured by the Japanese company CEC (Chou Denki Co. Ltd.), who are still manufacturing audio electronics. They have made turntables  for various other Japanese companies such as Hitachi, Marantz, Realistic, Sanyo, etc. And, provided various electronic parts for these companies. Hence, why I am quite familiar with these turntables.

Overall condition, it's in pretty good shape. Dust cover has a few scratches but, can be polished. Service included: a new belt was installed, cue arm was re-damped and bearing and motor was cleaned and lubricated. The cartridge is a ADC QLM 34MKiii cartridge, stylus was examined, and cleaned. Suspension was tested and it runs and sounds great! Diamond is still sharp. I do enjoy these old ADC cartridges.