Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas is just around the corner!

Just finished prepping the last of my turntables in preparation for Christmas.  We have lots of turntables for sale and other stereo equipment.  They make excellent and functional gifts when it's too cold to go out snowboarding!

Finally moving on to some of my speaker projects!  Time to crack out the soldering iron.

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Turntables are on the move!

Sold a few and I feel awful that I was not able to do a write up on them, Sansui SR-525, Keio PSS-40, Realistic LAB-390 are gone.  The most interesting one of the bunch was the Realistic LAB-390.  It is definitely a Panasonic/Technics re-badged table for Radio Shack, tone arm design, motor/platter design and inner mechanics/electronics is definitely Technics.

Technics did make turntables for JC Penny under the MCS name, just like how Baycrest and Sears were most likely CEC re-branded tables.

That being said, we have more turntables to come!

-EDS 25F, Technics SL-1700mk1, Akai AP-100C and Sanyo TP-1010.  Technics and Sanyo dust covers are back from the polisher and are ready to go!

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Just need to take pictures or get someone else to do them...