Sunday, 7 January 2018

Sanyo Plus Series Q50 Turntable - Has left the building, literally

Sadly, I do not have one anymore as it left my hand last night! I've had 3 of these lovely tables and it was my first table that I ever bought to start my vinyl journey back in 2010. For sure, after 2 of them left my hands, I was sure that this third one would never leave. But, alas, (the) God(s) did not let be.

But, I am very happy that it's being spun. The new owner is happy to have it, and so I am. Though, I do have a bit of heart ache. These are very underrated tables. I love the tone arms. They are always a great match for my old favourite cartridges, Shure. As a matter of fact, it was equipped with a brand new Shure M97xe cartridge and listening to some Tom Petty Mojo, it sounded fantastic.

If anyone ever gets their hands on one of these tables, even the Sanyo Q60, put right cartridge on those tone arms and enjoy.

I will always have a soft spot for these Sanyo Plus Series turntables.

No pictures, as it was a pretty quick order to do. Okay, if I ever get a fourth one I will not let it go!