Sunday, 20 November 2011

Audiolesswpg has been Established!!!

We are the Audioless Winnipeg Group!

Who are we?  We are a group of individuals who have a common interest in audio electronics.

We have formed this group because we understand some of the difficulties in finding and buying good equipment for a fair price.

Let's face it, Winnipeg is not an easy market for both beginners looking to buy equipment to start their music journey and veterans who would like to move onto more refined equipment by selling off their used gear.

Audioless Winnipeg Group was formed for this reason, to help those looking for quality and serviced pieces to help young enthusiast to start listening to music!  We make sure we test everything before we sell and make sure all our pieces have gone through our standard of servicing.  If we are not pleased by what we've done, we will take it to one of the best technicians in Winnipeg!  We want to make sure you'll have a pleasant musical experience!

We have plenty of entry level to Mid-Fi gear.  So feel free to check our ads and our blog for new listings and information!