Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas Eve and we at Audioless Winnipeg would like to send our season greetings to everyone! 

Hope everyone has a warm Christmas!  And, of course celebrating the festivities with music!

Monday, 16 December 2013

QED R232EN Turntable

QED wasn't really known for their audio equipment but, everyone knew they made some quality audio accessories like switch boxes, and I should know as I have one and it's great stuff, much better than the Realistic ones, that's for sure.

But, when it came down to the R232EN, I wasn't too sure.  When I saw it, all I could say was "QED made a turntable?"  But, it had some quality stuff put into it.  A glass platter, tri-point isolation feet, a nice light weight aluminum tone arm and it does say the motor is quartz lock.  I will admit I do enjoy non-suspended belt drive turntables and I really like the Cambridge Audio TT-50.  That being said, I like this turntable too!  I think it sounds pretty nice.  As well, I am a sucker of a nice glass platter!

The QED "EN" model uses a DC motor with electronic speed controls between the 33/45rpm instead of taking the platter off and moving the belt to a different part of the motor spindle, which is nice.  It's very basic being manual but extremely well made.  It has the typical suspended motor and some say it resembles the Rega of that time period.  While I can't verify if it is a Rega or if it uses Rega parts all I know is the Rega belt works for it. 

Overall, this is solid turntable.  The cartridge is a QED cartridge which is re-badged Goldring and sounds pretty nice.  However, QED did make almost everything designed for this cartridge.  The counterweight has no markings so it's specifically was designed or at least packaged with this cartridge.  There are ways around it, like getting a protractor, and a scale to set everything up but, it is a minor nuisance.  

While this is in black motif.  It did seem it came in a variety of colours.  While the black is fine, I find myself liking the look of the white one.

This is an excellent table and sounds mighty fine too!  Hopefully it will give it's new owner tons of love.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Audioless Winnipeg Sale Ad is Up!

It was brought to our attention for those who cruise our blog that many may not know about our sale ad on Kijiji.  It is up and running now!  All the pieces listed in this ad are at our lowest price. some have been gone through by our technician, Tweakjunkie1.

Christmas is coming so, if you've been looking for a treat or gift, give us a shout! 

All you have to do is search "Audioless" in the Kijiji search bar (minus the quotations)!