Monday, 2 April 2018

Hitachi SR-700 Receiver

Here is a lovely little gem from the early 70s. It's a little wattage receiver, I think the Tweakjunkie1 has said it clocks in at 25wpc into 8 ohms or 38wpc RMS. Big power back then and still a good amount of power now.

Hitachi didn't have the greatest marketing and distribution centres in North America so they are not overly well known, in comparison to the bigger names such as Sansui but, they are still a Japanese company by present day (2018). So, unlike many who faded away they're still alive and kicking!

This is an interesting unit, while I have a soft spot for Hitachi, I still think they are one of the better value in terms of sound quality. Why? Well, unlike many low wattage receivers of the 70s that sound mushy and unrefined, this Hitachi SR-700 sounds great. It has a such a clean sound that I would have never expected from a low wattage unit. I remember all those low wattage Sansui, Pioneer, and Marantz receivers that sounded okay but, veiled and rolled off but, this Hitachi sounds pretty damn good. I would say it's more on the warm side with a very clean mid range and bass. Treble is a bit soft but, it is still clear. I immediately thought of Mosfet or Class A tube amplifier. But, of course it's just plain old silicon transistors.

After listening to the unit for a good time, it's very pleasant and easy to listen too, Sure, the treble is softer than I like but, I can enjoy this receiver for a long time (if it was mine, which it isn't).

Apparently, this was the second from the top, the top being the SR-800, so I guess this is the reason why it sounds so good! Definitely, not a cheap unit to buy if this was second from the top.

Aesthetically, very nice and retro looking, the cool bluish/green light, real wood veneer on the sides and the aluminum face plate.  What's not to love?

It's heavy (11.6kg) and well made, other than the tuner knob, all the knobs are milled aluminum.

Keith Trumbla aka the tweakjunkie1, as always, is the man! He has gone over the unit and even aligned the tuner!