Friday, 11 April 2014

Micro Seiki DD-24 Turntable

It's been awhile since we updated the blog.  But, winter is finally gone and looks like everyone is getting back into gear to do a bit of spring cleaning!

I've only come across a couple of Micro Seiki turntables and only been inside of one.  So, I was quite curious about this one.  Clearly, it's probably from the late 70s to the early 80s and this one seems to be the first generation or so as the DD-24S is equipped with a low mass straight tone arm over the standard S-shaped arm.  Regardless of the different tone arms both are probably the same, internally.

However, the S-shaped tonearm does offer a bit more flexibility with cartridges, well at least these days.  The counter weight is also adjustable which is an excellent feature.

Inside, everything was neatly laid out, I can see a nice big direct drive motor, which is a good sign.  Simplistic, auto return mechanism, which is another huge plus and a feature I haven't seen much on Japanese made turntables but, I have found them on Thorens and Duals.  The anti-skate dial has two dials or settings.  One is for the use of elliptical styli and the other is for conical.  Clearly, there seems to be less force applied on to elliptical styli when you compare dials.  It is really a neat feature. 

Not to mention, it does have your typical Micro Seiki workmanship throughout.  Oversized rubber feet, a nice solid MDF plinth that is wrapped in a nice wood grain quality vinyl finish.  Quality components in the controls and of course, as already mentioned a quality drive motor.

This is a very nice turntable.  It is direct drive, 2-speed and semi-automatic turntable.  It's in excellent condition.  Though, the dust cover does have scratches no cracks.  But, the plinth is in excellent shape.  It does come with the original headshell and headshell spacer.  Not to mention, I have put a very nice Shure M95ED cartridge on it.

It sounds really nice and would make an excellent starter table.

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