Saturday, 4 May 2019

Energy Encore 2 Speakers

My family were the original owners of these speakers. We actually had the entire Energy Encore 5.1 surround set, minus the integrated stands. Slowly, the rear speakers were sold. I kept the subwoofer to use with my sound bar, and the center channel broke. All that remained were these little guys sitting on the same shelving unit for the past 15ish years. I used them for a bit for my computer setup but, opted to use my Mirage Omni 350 instead.

While these are considered "big box store" speakers, they are still great little speakers. These were made in Canada. Used their hyperdome aluminum tweeter that made Energy famous from the Pro22 days (thank you Burhoe!). A super nice black piano finish and sealed box, with a 4" long throw woofer.

Some Specifications that I took from the web:
System Type: Magnetically shielded acoustic suspension satellite
Tweeter: 1" (28mm) Aluminum dome with cloth suspension
Woofers: 4" (112mm) Multi-laminated aluminum polycarbonate cone with rubber surround
Crossover Point: 2.0 kHz
Frequency Response: 70Hz - 22kHz
Room Efficiency: 89 dB
Impedance: 8 ohm compatible
Recommended Amp Power: Up to 125 Watts
Dimensions: H 7.5" W 5.1" D 7.5"
Finish: Burnished Ebony Gloss
Grilles: Removable: IM frame with black cloth knit
Flexible bracket system built in, allows wall, ceiling and side wall mounting. Also functions free-standing with optional stand
Construction: 1/2" Solid MDF cabinet, injection molded composite resin baffles with NBR rings for resonance reduction

With the right amplification, I used a nice Crown D60, they sound pretty good for their size. I think they are better than the Realistic/RadioShack Minimus 7, and their Canadian to boot!

They are no bass monsters but, they have a very nice mid and lovely airy highs. Very clean and transparent sounding.